Gouging Carbon

Our gouging carbon rods are used by foundries, factories, and workshops across North America.

We supply copper coated gouging carbon rods in a variety of sizes and specifications and that can be used with both manual and fully automatic torches. These are commonly used in air carbon arc gouging, which allows precise control when cutting metal and correcting welding defects.

To maximize product performance and minimize consumption, we source exclusively from the largest manufacturer in the world, who has been producing high quality rods for over 40 years.

Our product selection includes:

Pointed Gouging Rods (DC)

Jointed Gouging Rods (DC)

Flat Gouging Rods (DC)

Hollow core Gouging Rods (DC)

Blasting Gouging Rods (DC)

Pointed Gouging Rods (AC)

Half Round Gouging Rods (DC)

Projector Carbon (DC)

Gouging Torch

Gouging Torch parts